Instituto Bíblico Capilla Calvario Rosarito

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El Instituto Bíblico de Capilla Calvario Rosarito es un lugar donde los Creyentes del area de Rosarito y Tijuana puedes venir y estudiar de una manera mas profunda la Palabra de Dios y ser Arraigados en El. Esta escuela no es solo para la gente inteligente sino para aquellos que tienen el deseo de conocer mas de Dios y su Palabra.

Para información Mas detallada acerca de los cursos académicos puede visitar la pagina del internet del Instituto Bíblico Capilla Calvario Ensenada.

Para cualquier interrogante por favor contacte a
la Administradora –
el Director –

Tel: 661-612-6027  USA: 619-330-6240


Calvary Chapel Rosarito Bible College

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Calvary Chapel Bible College Rosarito is a 2 year program for full time students. Most of our students are part time, with classes offered mainly in the evenings and on Saturdays. We also offer a unique summer school option as well. All our classes are bilingual, 15 weeks long, and very reasonably priced. We would be delighted to have you join us.

At Calvary Chapel Bible College Rosarito we are excited to be a part of the great work God is doing in Mexico. The main academic focus is simply to teach God’s Word to equip the students for service. Therefore you will find that the vast majority of classes offered are focused on the verse-by-verse study of the bible. The academics have been structured to allow the students to grow closer to Jesus while also confirming the call of God in their lives. As you learn more about this Bible College, we invite you to pray about your future involvement with CCBC Rosarito.

CCBC Rosarito is only 30 minutes below the US border, and an hour from the Ensenada campus. Rosarito is a beach town of about 60 thousand, and is very safe. The bilingual church has grown to about 1500 people in only 12 years. God is working! At this time, we do not have dorms, but we can assist with housing out of town students.

We are excited to offer many classes with outstanding professors! All are either pastors or missionaries, all with much experience and still very involved in ministry! Our desire is not for you to only learn, but to first know Jesus more intimately, and be equipped to better serve Him. We offer a 2-year (4 semester) bilingual program intended for students who have completed high school or a G.E.D. program or its equivalent. Outstanding students, as young as 16, with a “B” average may be able to participate too. Students must take all the required courses and pass with a “C” or better. Students may come for one, two, or as many semesters as they desire. Graduation requires 80 credits. Some credit may be given to those who have taken classes in Rosarito in the past. For specific information pertaining to academics, you may visit CCBC Ensenada’s webpage.

Because we are a extension campus of Calvary Chapel Bible College in Ensenada, we are able to accept all transfer students from there or any other Calvary Chapel Bible College campuses regardless of their current semester rotation.

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Clases – Classes

Haga clic en una clase a continuación o utilice el menú desplegable de la derecha para ver una selección de clases.

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Church Planting / Plantación de Iglesias
Plantación de Iglesias / Church Planting

La vida de David / Life of David
La Vide de David / The Life of David

Apocalipsis / Revelation
Apocalipsis / Revelation

Historia de la iglesia / Church History
La Historia de la Iglesia / Church History

Teologia / Theology
Vista panoramica de la Biblia / Bible Survey



Salmos / Psalms


Pilares / Pillars
Pilares / Pillars


C2000 – Chuck Smith
OT301, OT302, NT301, NT302



2015 Semestre Primavera / Spring Semester

2015-01 Promo Video


2011 Promo Video


Costo – Cost

Instituto Biblico Capilla Calvario / Calvary Chapel Bible College

Si te gustaria graduar del Instituto Biblico Capilla Calvario de  Murrieta y recibir tu Diploma tenemos un costo para eso:
Cada semestre para inscribirte serian $50 pesos
y cada clase que tomes serian $350 pesos.

¡El costo de la clase incluye los libros!

If your goal is to graduate from the Calvary Chapel Bible College, Murrieta the costs are:
Each semester to register would be 50 pesos
and each class that you take will be 350 pesos.

The class fee includes your textbooks!


Instituto Bíblico Ágape / Agape Bible School

Si quieres recibir el diploma de la Escuela Biblica Ágape por parte de la lglesia Capilla Calvario Rosarito, es gratis.

If your goal is to receive a diploma from the Agape Bible School of Calvary Chapel Rosarito, there is no charge.


Option Estudio Bíblico / Bible Study Option

Si quieres entrar para solo tomar las clases como estudios biblicos sin recibir el diploma, es gratis.

If you only wish to take the class as a Bible study without receiving a diploma, it is completely free.


¿Preguntas / Questions?

Admin: 661-612-6027 –
USA: 629-330-6240